Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 2

Today we did good. Tommy aged up so we had a birthday party for him. We also had a Daughter whom i named Azkadelia after the elder sister in Tin man. Only reason we had her was that since i have seasons we got a christmas bonus from the hospital. So i set bunk beds and the odd toy in the second floor, and another crib in the nursery. Which is in the third floor. I also gave that floor a bathroom so i didn't have to go down three flights to potty train the babies. I'll put up pictures of the house once I'm able to put up the six bed rooms in the third floor and section off a family/gaming room. I'm thinking of making a basement for all that though. The house is very studio apartment so far though, in the terms of only the bathrooms get their own separate room. The nursery is also a separate room though, as i didn't want the youngens to see their parents woohoo. I'm thinking of making the childrens rooms very small with only a bunkbed and a dresser each with all the toys and childs things in the middle like a common room. I've also sectioned off the stairs and put locked doors on them so as to make sure nosey neighbors stayed out during get togethers. My mom thinks i should switch the occupants of the two top floors. So that burgalers have to go through Gwen and Charlie before they get to the children. However I've yet to come across a burgaler and I've already set the things down so no i don't believe i shall do that. I'm now on week 4 day 3 in spring.

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