Monday, March 13, 2017

A close to day one

I assumed we were capable to deal with our first child, we were able to buy all the furniture and build a nursery on the top floor. Top floor had previously just been one bedroom. So on the 3rd day of the second week we welcomed Thomas Adams into the sim world.....and haven't slept since. Between the cleaning and the cooking my girl hasn't had the chance to do much more. Which was the second reason to have the baby. I'm also planning on getting a maid.....after Charlie and Gwen have the money of course. We have over 3 thousand dollars in reserve, but Charlie doesn't make enough money to cover the daily maid costs quite yet. He's getting there though, already a paramedic. Gwen herself is starting on a trashy novel which should bring in some royaltys. Plus once Tommy grows up somemore then she'll be able to focus on her writings. I'm thinking she'll get pregnant again once Tommy turns into a toddler. I am however staying away from the childs channel and apples/Watermelons since i want everything to be random. Both the adults have the immunity to disease thingy and Gwen is a multitasker. She's also incharge of fixing everything around the house to. Charlie would have more to do but when he's home its more trying to advance him in work and keeping him alive. I'd have played more but i got tired.

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